Functions, Parties & Events – terms and conditions

All balances must be paid 7 days prior to the event.

All payments must be paid by the organiser, multiple payments are not acceptable. Payment can be made by visa, mastercard, switch or delta.

Provisional reservations will be held for 14 days then automatically released if deposit not received.

All verbal bookings will be treated as provisional and will be held for no longer than 7 days pending receipt of written confirmation and the appropriate non-refundable deposit.

We will require final numbers 7 days before your party night and this will be the minimum amount charged.

You may telephone for a provisional reservation and then return the booking form, as we cannot accept your reservation without it. Deposits can be made by credit card over the telephone, but the form must be returned or your reservation will not be accepted.

Any over payments made due to cancellations, decrease in numbers and non arrivals of your guests cannot be transferred for other services within the hotel.

All additional charges incurred must be paid before departure unless alternative arrangements have been agreed.